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The butterfly roof, named for its appearance, has gained in popularity of late due to its classic design that resembles the outspread wings on a butterfly ready to fly. A Swiss-French architect named Le Corbusier originally designed the roof in 1930 to fit a mansion on the coast of Chile. Three years later, a Czech architect incorporated the butterfly design in a home in Japan, and the first American butterfly roof was built in 1945 on a building in Long Island.

The design took off in the late 1950s when an architect named Krisel and the Alexander Construction Company built thousands of homes with butterfly roofs in Palm Springs and other Southern California cities. While the roof has many advantages, it also has certain disadvantages, one of which is the fact that it can be expensive to maintain. The professionals at Sacramento roofing companies can advise building owners if a butterfly roof is their best choice.

Rather than rising upward to a point, the two sections of a butterfly roof meet in a valley in the middle where the sections rise up like wings. The appearance is deceptively simple, but the design is architecturally complex and costly to build. Despite that, it's now regarded as desirable because of its environmental advantages.

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It lends itself to easy installation of solar panels. The design permits high walls on the building, allowing occupants to install clerestory windows that make full use of natural light, which can also lead to reduced heating bills.

Butterfly roofs are well suited for arid areas because of their ability to collect rainwater. The water collects in the valley and can be funneled into barrels or reservoirs. They're also beneficial in areas with high winds. They're more aerodynamically stable than other types of roofs, which increases their resistance to being pulled off. The design also tends to make the interior of a home appear larger while also creating a sense of bringing the outside inside.

Clogged drainage in the roof valley is the biggest problem with a butterfly roof. Although the valley is lined with waterproof materials, leaks can occur if debris accumulates or if the waterproof lining becomes damaged. Discovering potential drainage problems requires physically accessing the roof as the valley is difficult to inspect from the ground. For this reason, drainage issues often aren't noticed until disastrous leaks occur. Pooled water is also very heavy, and the excess weight can lead to structural damage.

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