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TPO membrane roofing materials are made from synthetic rubber. These types of materials are typically used on commercial buildings and homes with flat roofs. Synthetic rubber offers a distinct set of advantages and drawbacks when installed on a roof. This kind of material often comes as a rolled rubber product that can be quickly placed on a roof. Property owners considering this type of material should check out all the facts before making a final choice. Specialized Sacramento roofing companies with GFA Master Elite certification can provide property owners with answers to any questions they may have about TPO membrane materials.

One of the best things about using TPO membrane on roofs is that it is very easy to install. Experts who known how to handle rolled rubber can install the material quickly, saving property owners money in labor costs. TPO rolled rubber is also cheaper to make than PVC or EPDM rubber products.

TPO roofing products come in white and light gray, so they reflect the sunlight. There is also a reflective black and other color options that resists heat transfer.

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The sun reflection saves property owners hundreds of dollars in energy costs over time because the roof is considered a cooler roof. TPO membranes are UV resistant as well.

Durability is another advantage to using TPO roofing materials. This kind of product does not allow mold to grow, so there is no worry about shady areas. Dirt does not accumulate on TPO like it does with PVC roofing products. The material is very flexible, which allows buildings to settle without roof damage. Another benefit is that TPO materials that are reinforced allow for expansion and contraction in hot or cold conditions, giving high thermal support to the roof.

A few drawbacks about using TPO membranes are a smaller lifespan and the fact that the material does not do well in extreme sunlight. TPO materials can crack over time, and there have been some issues with leaks, especially in the seams.

Manufacturers are still changing the TPO formulas to find the right combination of materials to make the product better for everyone. Buildings that are exposed to high temperatures or extreme sunlight risk damaging TPO roofing materials because the product is designed for normal conditions. Experts recommend talking to a professional contractor or roofing specialist when considering this type of product to make sure it is the right choice for property owners.

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