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PVC roofing products offer property owners a different type of material to use on their roofs. There are more benefits than disadvantages to using this kind of material. Experts recommend that property owners research all roofing options before making a decision about which type of material is right for their roofing needs. Sacramento roofing companies are equipped to answer any questions that property owners have about PVC roofing materials.

One of the best things about using PVC roofing materials is their durability. PVC roofs can withstand hail and small branches falling on them without sustaining major damage. Home and business owners who have PVC roofs often find that there is a lot less maintenance with this material because of the durability of the product.

A huge benefit to commercial business owners is that PVC does not deteriorate when it comes in contact with chemicals from manufacturing plants or grease from restaurants. Typical asphalt shingles break down when chemicals from vents and chimneys land on the roof of a business; this reduces the life of the roof, costing more money for the business in the long run.

Fire safety is one of the benefits that PVC offers.

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PVC is resistant to burning and does not catch fire easily. This fire resistance can be increased with quality insulation that is rated for fire safety.

Another enormous advantage to PVC roofing is that the product is easy to install. PVC materials are made ahead of time by the manufacturing company and then assembled on the job site. All parts including the flashing, corner pieces, and pipe flashing are made beforehand. The faster installation saves property owners money on labor costs.

One final benefit of PVC roofing is that it is very resistant to wind. The way that PVC is installed prevents the material from lifting up in high winds like traditional asphalt shingles. PVC roofs also have fewer seams than shingled roofs, making the roof more resistant to leaks.

There are a few drawbacks that property owners should consider when thinking about roofing materials like PVC. Since plastics are made with chemicals, these materials can leak out of the roofing products over time. The leakage of materials can help add to roof shrinkage that tends to be a problem with older PVC roofs. PVC roofs are durable, but the material is thin and can break if walked on repeatedly. Experts also warn that PVC roofs are very slick when wet.

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