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Asphalt shingles are the most prevalent type of material installed by Sacramento roofing companies, and these shingles are available in two varieties: organic and fiberglass. Organic shingles are the original asphalt shingles, and they are created by saturating felt paper with asphalt and embedding it with granules. Fiberglass shingles are a more modern alternative that uses a woven base coated with asphalt and then topped with granules. The fiberglass approach results in a lighter and thinner shingle, but organic shingles are stronger and more flexible, which often results in longer warranties.

The most common form of both fiberglass and organic shingles is the three tab shingle. Alternatives to the three tab format include jet, signature cut, T lock, tie lock and so forth. Although all of these techniques are fundamentally sound, three tab shingles are the most common because of their appearance. Each three tab shingle appears to be three separate pieces after installation, and that makes them more visually appealing than the other options many people.

Organic and fiberglass shingles are also available as architectural shingles, which are also called dimensional shingles. Architectural shingles do not have cutouts like three tab shingles and the other shingles mentioned.

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Instead, the lower section of the shingle is laminated with an additional layer of asphalt. The thinner section is used to stack the next shingle, and the thicker section provides greater water resistance, damage resistance and visual appeal. Architectural shingles are becoming increasingly prevalent due to their curbside appeal and decreasing costs, but three tab shingles are still preferred for functional reasons in certain scenarios, such as roofs with low slopes.

In humid climates, black algae can be a big problem for homeowners because of the shingle stains it causes, and in other climates, moss and fungi can cause even bigger issues. Often, the most effective and economical way to prevent this growth is to infuse the asphalt shingles with a material that inhibits it, such as copper or zinc. Copper and zinc never degrade, which means that the algae killing properties will last for the life of the shingle.

Today, standard and architectural shingles are available in a wide selection of colors and styles. There tend to be more options for dimensional shingles because the profit margins are higher and therefore the manufacturers are more motivated to offer them. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of options when it comes to basic asphalt shingles, and it is even possible to choose shingles that mimic another roof material such as wood shake or slate tile.

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