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For homeowners considering a costly roof replacement, they may not realize that their choices have multiplied in recent years. No longer are they stuck between shingles and costly materials like slate. Sacramento roofing has made roofing inexpensive for their clients. Metal roofing, long popular for commercial establishments, is now available in attractive styles that can complement a variety of house designs. With metal's longevity, fire-resistance, and low maintenance, metal may well be a worthy compromise for homeowners.

Traditionally, metal roofs on houses were solely lead or copper shingles. Today's modern metal roofs consist of larger sheets of metal that are soldered together. These roofs can be applied directly over the old roof, cutting installation costs. They are often installed over a framework of furring strips, which insulates against temperature and noise.

With its insulating and fire-resisting properties, metal is thus an appealing option for California homeowners. However, the first step in considering metal is finding a contractor who specializes in metal installation. Metal can be tricky to install due to its slippery surface and large panels. Just searching for, say, "roofing companies" is not enough; homeowners must ensure the company is fully trained in metal installation.

Once metal is selected as the roofing material, the homeowner must choose what kind of metal roofing to use. Here a knowledgeable contractor will be the homeowner's greatest resource, as they can advise on the best option for a given budget. It should be noted that metal is not limited to the corrugated sheets on commercial warehouses.

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Today's metal roofing can mimic the look of shingles, tiles, or slate, and comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. The strength of paint can vary and should be chosen based on the home's exposure to sun, and aluminum may be favored over steel should the home be in a coastal region. For those looking for even greater longevity and durability, zinc may be selected as the roofing material.

For environmentally conscious homeowners, metal will provide them with the satisfaction of using recycled content that is also energy efficient. Most metal roofs have a minimum of 25% recycled content, and are themselves fully recyclable when removed. Once installed, a metal roof can reduce energy bills up to 25% due to metal's reflective properties. For homeowners considering solar panels, a metal roof allows for easy installation of solar, and metal's longevity ensures that there will never be a costly reinstallation to allow repairs to a worn-out roof.

Overall, homeowners who choose metal roofing for their home will be getting an attractive, durable roof that can reduce energy and insurance costs and will outlast asphalt shingles by two to three times their lifespan. When installed correctly, a metal roof may last 50 years or more, and with the minimal maintenance costs involved, a homeowner may find that their new metal roof has proved cheaper than the most reasonably-priced asphalt.

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