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With an increasing concern for the environment, some homeowners are seeking roofing materials that have fewer negative environmental impacts. Rather than using more traditional fiberglass and asphalt or wood shingles, people are using greener products such as metal roofs. Metal roofs come in a variety of options and have many benefits. Roseville roofing options such as metal roofs are a good choice for homeowners interested in green roofing choices.

Most metal roofs are made with aluminum or steel, but copper is also popular. Steel roofing material is usually sealed with a zinc coating and a layer of heavy duty paint to protect it from environmental conditions that can prevent rust. Another type of metal roofing is stainless steel. Stainless steel does not rust, so it does not need protective coatings. To avoid a cold, industrial appearance, a coating can be applied for aesthetic value. Another popular material for metal roofing that is resistant to rusting is aluminum. This metal is lightweight and especially useful for residential roofing. Like stainless steel, aluminum needs a coating to give the roof a more natural look. Copper roofs have grown in popularity due to their aesthetic value. The initial shine of copper provides a nice accent to the appearance of homes and commercial buildings. It is important to remember that over time, the copper will weather and take on a greenish color.

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However, if properly installed, copper roofs can last up to 100 years. These are the main roofing materials on the market, but there are other special alloys available that may provide more strength or longevity for a higher price.

Homeowners today may elect to install a metal roof for a number of reasons. Metal roofs are durable and provide several advantages over more traditional asphalt shingles. First, asphalt starts to decompose right away and will have a shorter life span; metal does not decompose. Metal roofs are also much lower maintenance. Traditional roofs require repair and maintenance on a regular basis while metal roofs only need an occasional hosing. Metal roofing provides a good insulation barrier that results in reduced energy costs related to heating and cooling the building. In some areas, the energy efficiency of metal roofs may result in discounts on insurance and result in energy tax credits. Although the initial cost of a metal roof is higher, the savings on energy and maintenance costs results in savings over time. In addition, the lifespan of a metal roof is about twice that of asphalt, so replacement costs are significantly less for metal.

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