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When it's time for a new roof, it is extremely important that homeowners evaluate their options and understand the unique benefits and disadvantages of each choice. A new roof is a big investment and is not something that should be undertaken lightly. Of course, in addition to choosing the right roofing system for the climate, architectural style and roof slope, it is also important that the new roof meets the homeowner's budget.

One of the most affordable roofing types currently in use features common asphalt shingles. These shingles are available in many styles and are easy to install, so they offer excellent design options while also keeping costs down. They also offer the advantage of being one of the roofing systems that allows a Roseville roofing contractor to simply reroof over the old shingles.

Reroofing is an excellent way for a homeowner to save money because they can avoid the added expense of having to have the old roof removed. The removal of old roofing materials can add a considerable amount to the cost of a new roof. Labor costs for removing the old shingles as well as the cost of disposal can get expensive.

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As with most things, reroofing also has its disadvantages. While it can be an excellent way to save money on the installation of a new roof, chances are the homeowner will pay more for heating and cooling costs. A roof with multiple layers of shingles will not be as energy efficient as a single layer of shingles installed directly on the roof decking.

Another disadvantage with reroofing is that it can shorten the life expectancy of the new asphalt shingles. This can be an important point to consider. Saving money in the short term by reroofing will likely lead to the need for a new roof much sooner than expected. Of course, when it comes time for another new roof, both layers of shingles will need to be removed; something that will significantly add to the cost of the replacement roof.

There are certainly times when reroofing is the right decision, especially when a homeowner needs a new roof, but money is tight. However, it is important that anyone who chooses this option fully understands not only the benefits, but also the disadvantages of reroofing. A reputable roofing contractor will be able to help homeowners evaluate their options and come up with the best roofing solution to meet their needs.

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