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Roseville Roofing: Article About Understanding Steep Slope Roof Installations

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Homeowners may appreciate the dramatic sweep of their roofline as it enhances the architectural integrity of a property. However, these roofs are also challenges to roofers for maintenance and installations. A Roseville roofing professional can make a steep slope installation as streamlined as possible, but there are certain tools and strategies necessary for a successful project.

Residents must understand that some roof coverings just won't be possible on a steep slope. Membranes, such as those found on flat or low slope installations, aren't meant for steep attachment. They just don't adhere well enough to the surface to last for years. Shingles and metal are normally the materials of choice for steep slope needs. With all the colors, textures and styles open to homeowners, these materials are usually pleasing to all roofing customers.

Extra labor is normally added to steep slope installations because of the project's difficulty level. Contractors must bring in at least two crews for the day. They'll place one crew on the roof with the other workers on the ground for support purposes. These roofers will be rotated between the roof and ground to reduce fatigue and possible mistakes.

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Steep slopes are a challenge to walk on for installations, making short working periods on the surface critical to a high quality project. The extra workers simply equal more labor costs for most contractor work.

Before workers start the project, homeowners may notice wood pieces or foot guards being installed horizontally on the roof. These guards provide some stepping purchase on the steep slope, especially if there's a misstep. Workers' feet can quickly catch on the lumber, preventing a possible fall. For severe steep slopes, even guardrails are installed for a grabbing surface.

Contractors may go as far as wearing safety harnesses. If a worker notices a nail pop, for instance, they can bend over and fix the issue without fear of losing balance. These harnesses are connected to anchors near the roof's ridge. If falling occurs, the harness catches the worker gently so they can pull themselves upright. Although harnesses are a bit bulky, experienced roofers understand these tools can keep everyone safe on any installation project.

When homeowners are interviewing various contractors, steep slope experience should be a main topic. All professionals have slightly different skill sets, so homeowners want companies with extensive training and experience in steep applications. Along with safety for roofers, this ensures the final project will have an aesthetically pleasing appearance for many years.

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