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Skylights can reduce energy bills by providing natural light in a home, and they can increase the value of a home. These special windows are built into the roof, and Roseville roofing experts can install them. First, however, homeowners have to choose from several types. The three main ones are fixed, ventilated and tubular.

Fixed skylights are an economical way to make a room more spacious with natural light. These windows are ideal for rooms that only need ample daylight and for stairs, hallways and other dark, closed in spaces. Ventilated skylights allow rooms to become enveloped in nature. Homeowners can open them to allow fresh air inside and humid, stale air outside, which contributes to comfort level and proper moisture balance in the home. This also allows hot air to escape and cool air to enter, reducing the need for the air conditioner to run often. Homeowners can integrate remote control options and rain sensors.

Tubular skylights are a high performance solution for bringing light into a room, and they are affordable. They are also known for being eco friendly and energy efficient solutions for lighting the inside of homes because they greatly reduce electricity needs.

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Tubular skylights are best suited for rooms in which fixed and ventilated skylights are too big. Daylight enters the small collector dome on the roof and travels through the reflective pipe that extends from the roof to the ceiling. Homeowners can also adjust these skylights so that plenty of light enters the room.

Pyramid skylights are ideal for period and modern homes because the uncomplicated design blends with old and new roofs. Custom skylights can be made to fit a certain type of roof, so they can be installed on flat or sloped roofs. Homeowners could also consider dome acrylic skylights, which are designed to resist inclement weather, provide ventilation, fight fires and offer access to the roof.

There are several types of glass, which is optimal for flat skylights. Laminated or tempered safety glass can be used, or a combination of both. Laminated glass has a plastic interlayer that is designed to remain in place even if it breaks. Tempered glass is strengthened with heat and is the same as the glass used in patio and shower doors, but if it breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces. Low emissivity glass is a feature that laminated and tempered glasses can have, and it blocks heat loss and gain. Low E squared is a feature with even more significant benefits because it's a denser version of Low E.

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