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Roofers that live in climates were snow is known to fall are often contacted by customers who wish to protect their roofs from not only the snow but also the damage caused by shoveling the snow from the roof. There is a solution for both of these problems. It is not the cheapest or easiest roofing job, but those that elect to have it done are often glad that they have done so. The solution to these problems is the application of an elastomeric coating. While this task can be attempted by an amateur, experts recommend that homeowners leave the job to a professional.

An experienced professional roofer from a good Roseville roofing company will not find the process too difficult; however, it is somewhat long and involved. While it is possible for a single roofer to do the job by himself or herself, most companies will dispatch a team of roofers for such a call. This ensures the roof is coated in a timely manner.

The first step that a roofing team will take is to clean the roof. It is vital that this is done in a thorough and careful manner. Any dirt or debris left on the surface will prevent the coating from adhering properly. The roofers will hose down the roof. Then, they will scrub the entire area to be coated with a solution of water and trisodium phosphate.

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This will get rid of any residue that may be present on the roof.

The experienced roofer will inspect the roof for nails, crooked flashing and other items that may prevent a smooth, even coating from being applied. These will be removed or hammered down as required. Roofers will often wear gloves when undertaking this task, as nails and pieces of flashing can cause nasty lacerations.

Next, the roof will be measured and the amount of coating required will be calculated. Roofers will also put plastic sheets over surrounding vegetation at this point. This will protect the plants from the chemicals used during the process. The roof will be left to dry for the next 24 hours.

When the roof is dry, the roofers will come back to the job site and begin by mixing the coating. Usually, they will pour the elastomeric liquid out of the can and mix it in a paint pan using a paint stick. This is because the liquid has roughly the same consistency as paint.

A roofer will then apply a quarter inch coating, and let it dry for 48 hours. After it has dried, he will apply one or two more coatings.

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