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One of the main jobs of a roof is to keep water out of a house. This may seem to boil down to just keeping rain from falling in a home, but keeping water out is a much larger job than that. A roof must have sufficient pitch to allow water to flow off of it, gutters must be in place to allow water to be directed to a downspout and roofing material must be sufficiently water resistant to prevent leaks.

Roseville roofing services may also install crickets to help divert water from around areas where water may potentially collect, such as where two halves of a roof meet or behind the chimney. It is very important that water keeps flowing off of a roof to prevent standing water from collecting.

Standing water is water that has been on a roof for 48 hours or more. Even a small amount of standing water can potentially do a significant amount of damage to a roof and a home's structure. This is because standing water can damage the roof itself as well as increase the chances of leaks developing.

Water is very heavy, and a roof can only support so much weight. Just a square foot of standing water 1 inch deep weight 5 pounds.

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A 10 foot by 10 foot square area of water on a roof can potentially weigh 1,000 or more pounds. Enough additional weight on a roof and it may collapse.

Due to the weight that water adds to a roof, it can cause the roof to sag. This allows more water to collect in this area of the roof, which creates a circular problem where more water leads to more water collecting. Therefore, it is important to get water off of a roof as quickly as possible, even if the source of the issue is not able to immediately be resolved.

Leaks are also more likely when there is standing water on a roof because most roofs have a number of pin sized holes in them. When water is flowing down a roof as it normally would, water doesn't have time to seep into these holes. However, if water is sitting in the same place for an extended period of time, it has time to work its way into these imperfections. This can lead to a number of small leaks that grow larger over time, leading to water damage in a roof and home.

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