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Due to its ability to resist corrosion, aluminum makes a good choice for gutters and downspouts. The light weight makes gutters and downspouts made from aluminum easy to install. Quality baked on finishes eliminate the need for painting and maintain an attractive appearance for many years.

Aluminum gutters do require some maintenance, but addressing minor problems sooner can prevent issues later. This ensures little issues do not escalate to major ones.

Many homeowners lack the physical ability or desire to climb ladders and scramble around on roofs to perform gutter maintenance. Roseville roofing companies often offer periodical maintenance services that eliminate this necessity for homeowners, but homeowners need to participate to some degree.

An aluminum gutter that permits water to accumulate and remain in the gutter for long periods before finally evaporating can develop rust. Looking out the window a couple of days after rain or snow will alert the homeowner that this undesirable condition is present. Plant debris can contribute to the issue, but practically imperceptible sagging also plays a role. Granular material from shingles forms a heavy sludge that absorbs water and prevents gravity from channeling water away as intended, contributing to sagging. Water flowing over the front of gutters during a heavy rainstorm also supplies evidence of inadequate gutter performance.

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Gutter guards address the problem of debris effectively and economically. Granules from shingles represent more of a challenge. Flushing them out with a powerful stream of water from a hose is a common technique for dealing with this issue. After doing this, professional roofing companies take steps to determine if the slope of the gutter adequately assists gravity to drain water from gutters. Gutters sloped less than 1/2 inch for every 10 linear feet seldom perform properly. Gutters of exceptional length, 40 feet or longer, benefit from slopes that start in the middle and feature a downspout at each end.

Another problem that a homeowner can observe, water dripping between gutters and fascia, needs immediate attention. Left unchecked, this water leads to shifting foundations that create problems with concrete, contribute to cracks in interior walls and even cause issues with the operation of doors and windows.

Only moderate vigilance on the part of the homeowner is necessary to prevent these two common issues with aluminum gutters from leaving a home's foundation and interior areas vulnerable to damage. Routine inspection by the homeowner combined with some assistance from a professional roofing company when needed prevents expensive problems.

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