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During residential roof tear offs, a great deal of waste is generated. As advances in recycling technology have taken place in recent years, many of these worn out items are able to be recycled. During any roofing project, homeowners can work with their preferred Roseville roofing contractor to ensure that the old shingles, gutters and other items are recycled as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill system.

The ability to recycle old asphalt roofing shingles is relatively new. It used to be that all of the nonmetal waste from a roofing replacement or installation project would go straight to the landfill. However, many environmentally conscious roofing companies have worked together with recyclers and landfill operators to reduce these waste streams and boost the amount of recycling that takes place.

When the old shingles are torn off a home's rooftop, they are placed into a collection receptacle such as a dumpster. This container is then hauled to the recycling facility. The nails do not have to be taken out of the shingles, as the recyclers have powerful magnets that do this work automatically. This saves time and labor costs for the roofer and the property owner.

Once the metal parts are removed from the shingles, strong shredding machines tear them up, much like a large paper shredder.

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The shredded bits of asphalt are then mixed with other aggregates and petroleum products to create new things. The leading product that makes use of old asphalt shingles is pavement. Many municipalities are looking to asphalt recycling to lower their costs of road construction, as the creation of new asphalt costs more than the expenses related to recycling of old materials like shingles.

In addition to using old shingles to make new roads and pavement, the recycled pieces are also used in making the filler used to patch potholes on streets. Some of the material can also be mixed with rubber products and made into surfaces for playgrounds. New technology is also allowing roofing companies to turn old shingles into new roofing materials. Other recyclers use the old asphalt to make energy that is used to power towns and cities.

In most cases, recycling of the old shingles and metal roofing components is free to the homeowner and to the contracting service. Other benefits of recycling old shingles include less waste being sent to the landfill, lowered resource use to build new roads and parking lots and a lower cost for building new streets.

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