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When a homeowner needs to have a repair or even an entire new roof put onto a house, it may seem like each friend, coworker and acquaintance has his or her own recommendations and complaints about different contractors and roofing companies. While word of mouth is one important aspect of finding a trustworthy Roseville roofing service, so are licensing, insurance and other factors. These tips aim to help any property owner find a reliable, qualified and ethical roofer to do work on their homes.

Finding an ethical and trusted roofer is a must, as a home's roof protects the entire structure from the ravages of mother nature. A fly by night contractor may cut corners, use inferior products and products that aren't recommended on the house, leading to costly problems and the need to have the botched job corrected. A homeowner's first stop should be the Better Business Bureau to investigate whether any consumer complaints have been made against a contractor. Consumers can review complaints as well as any actions taken to resolve the problems. Private consumer review networks are also available on the internet through paid subscriptions and other types of memberships.

Homeowners can also contact the local and state licensing boards. These governmental entities can verify whether or not a particular roofing company or contractor is licensed to do business in the state.

The roofing contractors at Allstate Roofing of Roseville can assist you with any questions regarding storm damage or gutters.

This information can prove essential to determining whether or not the company is legitimate.

Next, the property owner can ask the contractor or company for their insurance number. From there, the homeowner can contact the insurance company to learn more about the roofer's insurance coverage, liability and any claims that have been filed against them for shoddy or inferior workmanship. While it may not be unusual for a high volume roofing service to have one or two claims filed against them over a period of many years of doing business, the presence of many claims in a short amount of time may be a warning sign.

Finally, personal and professional references are always a good idea to obtain. In addition to viewing photos of past roofing repair and replacement jobs, homeowners can also call past clients and ask about the company's ethics, attention to detail, accuracy on cost estimates and whether or not the work was done up to standard. Some homeowners may even want to drive by recent roofing projects in the neighborhood and take a look at the work that was performed.

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