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As Roseville roofing professionals start a project, they're on a property for a few days or even a week. Regardless of the time period, they should be servicing the property with respect during the entire project. Protecting the property during the roof project is critical to stellar customer service and safety as well.

Although reputable contractors are diligent about keeping debris flow controlled over the roof's edge, shingles and nails can fall to the ground throughout the day. Debris may damage lawns, bushes and other landscaping details. Before the project begins, contractors must lay tarps out around the roof's edge. If any items fall, they'll strike the tarp and take the brunt of the drop's force. Contractors without a strong protective strategy may end up damaging pathways and gardens permanently.

All that debris must be moved to a collective area, so contractors usually haul a dumpster to the property for bulk waste disposal. However, these containers can be very heavy when full. Placing the container on the driveway could actually crack it. Before the container even arrives, contractors should verify with homeowners that a driveway location is appropriate. It can always be placed on the street to protect the property entirely.

Homeowners may have moved their favorite potted plant and lounge chair, but other yard items could be vulnerable to damage.

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Contractors move as many items as they can from the immediate roof area, including rolling barbecues. If an item cannot be moved, such as a built in barbecue island, contractors cover the area with tarps and possibly cardboard. No dents or other damage should be apparent on items after the project is complete.

Hundreds of nails are part of a standard shingle rooftop. Contractors must remove all nails to reduce future leaks into the home. Although professionals strive to catch all nails, they can still fall to the ground. At the end of each workday, contractors should be seen with a magnetic sweeper. This device pulls nails from the ground using magnetic force. Even nails deeply covered by lawn grass can be found, allowing all residents to have safe passage across the yard both during and after the project.

Protecting the property also keeps it open for easy contractor access. If an area is too cluttered, for example, an electrical arc could result between a power tool and metal ladder. A covered and well kept roofing job site reduces accidents and streamlines the project's timeline considerably.

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