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Most homeowners know that their roof may need to be replaced if it starts leaking, but there are a number of reasons a Roseville roofing company may suggest a new roof. Though some leaking roofs can be repaired when caught early enough, it is very important that homeowners know the other signs that a roof may need to be replaced or ready to start leaking. The age of the roof is a big indication to a homeowner as to whether it is time to replace the roof or not, but there are other signs.

One sign to a homeowner that a leak could lead to a new roof is torn or missing shingles. Shingles that are missing or broken expose the roof below, which means it is highly susceptible to permanent damage from water and rot. Furthermore, this exposes nearby shingles to damage, and soon the entire side of the roof could be at risk. Shingles that are old will split, curl and lose their effectiveness against water, and they can also easily blow away.

If the flashing of the roof is missing or rusting, this is also an indication that the roof is going to start leaking. Flashing is often found in valleys of the roof or around chimneys, vent pipes or skylights.

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It is also important that homeowners pay attention to downspouts, gutters and splash pans. If there is damage or decay, the roof may start to leak.

For homeowners who have a leaky roof and need a replacement, there are two main options: a new roof or a roof on top of the old one. Putting a new roof on top of the old one is usually, but not always, the most affordable option. It does not, however, last as long as a new roof. There are also certain situations where putting a new roof on top of the old one is not recommended. For example, it is not a good idea to put a new roof over a new one if there are already two or more layers on the home.

The other option, removing the old roof and replacing it with a new one, isn't always in the budget of a homeowner, but financing is usually an option. It also might be possible to patch a roof, which can last a couple of years to more than 10 years. Homeowners should keep in mind, however, that at that point, the entire roof will surely need to be replaced.

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