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Water leaks into the home are some of the most damaging events that can occur as the result of a roofing problem. Whether the leak is caused due to water damming, blown off shingles, missing flashing or a defective vent cover, it is imperative that the homeowner make repairs or contact a trustworthy Roseville roofing service to have the problem fixed. While repairs are necessary, the best way to handle these issues is by preventing them from happening in the first place. One cost effective solution is to use leak barriers when the home is getting a new roof.

Leak barriers are a thin layer of paper or film placed onto the wooden decking of the rooftop. The film comes with a tear off paper backing that makes its installation fast and easy for the roofers. Because the adhesive is already applied to the backside of the film, no additional steps are necessary in order to apply the product to the roof. After this moisture barrier is in place, the contractors can then continue with the application of roofing felt and then the asphalt shingles, metal sheeting, clay or slate tiles for the roof's exterior surfaces.

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Leak barriers are installed on a clean and dry surface during a roof replacement project. The adhesive is heat activated, and the energy from the sun is generally sufficient at providing enough warmth. The films can be applied directly on the roof's wooden decking or on top of the underlayment such as particle board or foam core insulation boards. Because each layer seals to the next, more than one layer of the barrier can be used, such as in the roof's valleys or around vent and chimney flues for an additional measure of protection.

The goal of using a leak barrier is to help guard against water damage that results from water infiltration as a result of gutter clogs, damaged shingles, missing flashing, broken vent covers and blown off tiles. The moisture proof barrier also helps protect the home from freeze and thaw cycles and ice dams. Having the film in place may give the homeowner some additional time to arrange for professional roofing repairs in the aftermath of a storm. Because installation of the film does not require the use of tar or open flames, it is generally safer for both the workers and the occupants of the home, as no volatile organic compounds or sparks will be released as the film is put into place on the roof.

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