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One of the most important investments that a homeowner can make is the roof. Keeping the roof in good condition is essential to avoiding higher costs and extensive repairs later on, but replacing the roof can be expensive. The old roofing material has be torn off, then the surface needs to be cleaned up and prepped for the new shingles. Avoiding those steps by placing new shingles over the old ones can save time and money provided the old roof is still in relatively good condition. In addition, the new shingles must be made of asphalt instead of slate or wood. That can be more convenient and economical. A Roseville roofing contractor won't have to spend time tearing off the older roof.

However, reroofing comes with its own set of hazards. Homeowners still have to pay to have the vents taken off, ridge caps replaced and any damaged or warped shingles repaired or removed. Flashing also has to be redone over the top of the old roof, which isn't easy. While the potential savings look huge, many homeowners don't think ahead to the next time the roof will be replaced.

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At that time, costs will increase because a professional contractor will have a double layer of roofing that will have to be torn off and cleaned up.

If funds are tight, increased earnings in the future might be able to cover the extra work involved, but higher costs later on is only one drawback. Another thing for homeowners to consider is the weight. High-quality shingles are going to add a tremendous amount of weight that the roof's underlying structure might not be strong enough to handle. Doubling the weight of a roof can cause the sheathing that sits between the trusses and rafters to sag or droop. The roof will be unsafe and require homeowners to replace the roof prematurely.

Another thing to think about is that a double layer of roofing shingles won't give the roof extra protection. In fact, homeowners could end up with less. Since the tar paper between the roof sheathing and first level of shingles can be old and worn, rain water might seep underneath the shingles and get past the deteriorated paper underneath. When professional contractors reroof, they can't seal the bottom layer properly, so any underlying damage will still be there. That could result in additional repair costs later on. While reroofing a Roseville home might be tempting, it isn't always the best option.

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