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Removing a roof is a tough job physically, but Roseville roofing companies can usually do it in less than a day. One of the biggest issues in tearing off an old roof is getting rid of the mess. The first step is to get the right dumpster.

A dumpster rental business can estimate what type of container is best if they are provided with the square footage of the roof and the number of roofing layers that will be torn off beforehand. This is important to prevent paying for unneeded dumpster space. Since rental prices and removal services vary, estimates should be obtained from at least three different companies.

Sometimes more than one dumpster is needed. Dumpsters should be placed where they won't rip up the landscaping. In addition, they need to be placed in a way that minimizes the distance debris has to be moved. Sometimes, the old roofing can be shoveled right in.

Safety is another issue. Any area where a pedestrian could potentially be struck by falling debris needs to be roped off. If the old roofing is going to hit the lawn, then drop clothes should be laid down since old roofing can create a safety hazard if stepped on or damage a lawn mower. Neighbors should be notified beforehand about any work to be done.

The roofing experts at Allstate Roofing of Roseville CA can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or storm damage.

Work should start at the ridge of the roof and move downwards. The removed shingles cannot be reused, but flashing can often be if it is removed carefully. The areas where the old flashing has been removed should be used as guidelines for the replacement flashing. The top part of chimney flashing may actually be embedded in the mortar of the chimney, so this should be carefully bent back and then used again on the new roof.

Sometimes, shingles can be pried off the roof in large clusters. This is a sign that they weren't fastened correctly originally. Normally, however, they come of in groups of two or three. There is a special technique for removing wood shakes and shingles by working a pry bar under them and pushing up sharply to take off a few rows at one time.

When the old shingles and other roofing are gone, the sheathing or deck of the wood must be inspected before new roofing is applied. This is the time when rotten or damp sheathing is replaced with materials of the same thickness. If sheathing of the same thickness is not available, then extra layers of felt paper can be used.

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