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When it comes time to replace the roof, homeowners need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of the roofing materials available today. A roof is a major investment, so it needs to be structurally sound, resistant to weather and fire, have a maintenance level that is acceptable to the homeowner and come with plenty of curb appeal. Sorting through the information about materials, style and coatings can feel overwhelming, but a reliable Roseville roofing contractor can help homeowners make the best choice for their budget, lifestyle and goals.

Asphalt roofing is a popular choice. It is lightweight, inexpensive and durable. The three tab shingle style is the most common type since they are easy to install, lay flat, don't need additional structural reinforcement and hold up well under a variety of weather conditions. They do need to be inspected often since the asphalt granules will begin to fall off as they age.

The newer composition shingles are catching up in popularity. These synthetic shingles are made from recycled environmentally friendly materials and can be formed into shapes that look similar to slate or cedar roofs.

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Thicker than traditional asphalt, these shingles are made of three layers of various roofing material that is bonded together to make them stronger. Some are laminated to give them extra durability.

If homeowners are looking for a luxurious look, a slate roof can really perk up a home's curb appeal. Slate shingles are quite heavy though, so even though they look nice and can easily live as long as the house, homeowners will need to have the existing roofing structure reinforced to handle the extra weight. They also need to be installed by a well trained roofing expert with plenty of experience in installing slate shingles. They can be quite fragile to walk on.

Metal roofing is another option that is quickly gaining appeal. Asphalt roofs require more maintenance to keep them in good repair, so many homeowners are turning to metal instead. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, metal roofs require little maintenance if sealed properly from moisture. They are lightweight, so there is no extra support needed for installation. Often, this roof can be laid down over the top of an existing asphalt roof making them an attractive alternative. They do need to be installed professionally and regularly inspected, the same as any other roof, but their durability and fire resistance makes them very attractive to many homeowners.

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