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Living in a naturally shady area may keep the home comfortably cool, but it can also allow moss to grow on the roof. Moss tends to grow when an area is damp and shady, and it's common to find unsightly moss growing on the roof. This is not the green roofing system that most homeowners are going for. A professional Roseville roofing company can help with safe moss removal and moss prevention, though there are some things a homeowner can do as well.

Many will first attempt to remove the moss that's currently growing on the roof. This is a good idea of there are large, thick patches, but it's important to take care not to damage the roof. For example, using a pressure washer or scraping with a rake or trowel can damage the shingles underneath. Instead, it's better to try to remove the pieces by hand as much as possible. A light scrub brush can also help, though applying too much pressure will remove the asphalt granules. Since it's difficult for many homeowners to safely climb on the roof, it's a good idea to hire professional roofers who have experience.

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Using chemical products to kill off any remaining moss is a good next step, and those who aren't starting with a lot of moss on the roof might start with this step. A mixture of bleach and water can get the job done, but there are also commercial roof cleaning products available. What these products do is change the pH level of the roof, usually making it more acidic. Moss won't grow in an acidic environment, so this can kill it off. Again, it's difficult to do this safely, and it's possible for runoff to kill plants along the house.

Once all the moss is off the roof, thinking about long term solutions is essential. One possible solution is to clear out trees that are hanging over the roof. If the sun can easily dry off the roof, it's less likely for moss to grow. Another solution is to have the roofing company add copper flashing along the top of the roof or around protrusions. When it rains, the running rainwater will bring some of the copper sulfate down over the roof shingles. These can also prevent moss growth.

Moss can be more of an aesthetic problem than a dangerous problem, but most homeowners find that it's something they want to take care of. Every home is different, and discussing the problem with professionals can help the homeowner understand the options.

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