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The roofing industry of the past used to be filled with environmentally unfriendly practices, such as filling local landfills with old shingles. Today's industry takes the environment into consideration, from recycling shingles to using long lasting materials. When a Roseville roofing professional estimates a new roof replacement project, they have a chance to show homeowners the environmentally friendly ways of metal paneling. This material provides strength and longevity to a household while helping the environment simultaneously.

The average shingled surface lasts about 20 to 30 years, requiring complete replacement at that point. Metal roofs, in contrast, might last as long as 50 years. Because the material's longevity is so extensive, homeowners don't have to replace any materials for nearly double the time period of shingles. No waste enters landfills and new materials don't have to be manufactured for roof replacement. Helping the environment is just a side effect of metal paneling's strength of service.

Metal paneling is made with corrosion resistant materials, reducing the need for sealants. Because these sealants don't need to be applied, less fumes enter the atmosphere from roof surfaces. Although sealants are approved for use on other vulnerable rooftops, they can degrade over time and emit fumes that harm the environment. Modern metal paneling production creates corrosion resistance without harmful sealants, leaving the material beautiful and eco friendly for many years.

The expert roofers at Allstate Roofing of Roseville can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or storm damage.

When a roof is dark colored, such as shingles, the household below absorbs more heat from direct sunlight. A structure with a light colored roof reflects sunlight radiation, leaving the home cooler on even the hottest days. Less indoor heat means reduced air conditioning use. Light colored metal paneling installed on a roof allows the entire home to save on energy costs and cool the space. As air conditioning use dwindles, less fossil fuel energy must be expended as metal paneling's positive environmental impact continues.

Many homeowners want to change the exterior decor periodically, giving the home a brand new appearance for buyers. Metal paneling doesn't have to be removed and replaced as it fills up local landfills because homeowners can paint the surface. Helping the environment is an inherent benefit of metal roofing.

To keep the roof preserved for many years, consistent preventive maintenance must be practiced. Hire a roofing professional about twice a year to verify all components are securely attached to the structure, including clip pieces. All care appointments only add to a roof's lifespan with clear environmental appeal.

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