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Today's Roseville roofing professional not only offers traditional asphalt shingle installations, but can also create a unique design with almost any material and texture. Metal roofing is quickly becoming a common sight in neighborhoods because it offers numerous colors and styles, including stone-coated steel shingles. Homeowners may be familiar with basic metal installations across a roof deck, but there are alternative techniques to benefit the entire structure.

A large part of roof replacement costs is material removal. In many cases, asphalt shingles can remain in place as metal sections are installed above them. This installation technique saves the contractor time and reduces homeowner costs. The shingles even act as noise suppressants when rain or hail strikes the metal surface above. With this installation choice, however, contractors cannot inspect the roof deck below the shingles for any potential damage. Homeowners must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of no roof deck inspection before agreeing to the process.

While leaving the original shingles in place, contractors often add 2-by-2 lumber lengths in a framework configuration across the roof as one of the first installation steps. The metal sections attach to the framework while the lumber itself is fastened securely to the roof's support beams. Any potential wind damage is avoided with this strong attachment technique.

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A main benefit to framework below the metal roofing is an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The framework provides an even surface to install the metal roofing, forming a flat appearance even in extreme heat or cold. Metal won't appear to warp or curl when attached to the framework, providing years of quality structural protection.

The framework naturally forms a space between the roof deck and metal sections. This spacing is usually referred to as a ventilation gap. With air moving easily in this space, moisture or condensation cannot accumulate. Trapped moisture often leads to leaks, so this gap makes these issues almost impossible. If an extremely cold day sets in, the gap also prevents ice damming where moisture becomes lodged at the roof's edge. Contractors can discuss these phenomena during the estimate process to truly examine the framework's benefits.

As homeowners select a metal roof installer, they should feel comfortable speaking to the contractor about installation strategies. Adding the extra framework could be an option or a necessity, but it depends largely on the structure itself. Contractors must inspect and estimate each property for its unique shape and design before trying a metal roof installation.

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