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The discovery of leaking water within a home may send even the most prepared of property owners into a state of confusion. Knowing what to do while water is actively coming into a home through the roof can help to minimize unwanted aftereffects such as mold and mildew growth, ruined furnishings and rotted walls and floors. In addition to making a prompt call to a reliable Roseville roofing service, homeowners can take several steps to reduce damage until the roof can be professionally repaired.

First, the residents of the house should use leak proof containers to collect any actively dripping water until a roofer can come and fix the leak. Homeowners could purchase and use a standalone dehumidifier to help suck out the humidity and water from the air. These devices can remain in use even after the leak has been repaired, as leftover moisture may continue to impact the inside of the residence. A dehumidifier can be put into any desired location in the house that has access to an electrical outlet. Whenever possible, a hose should be connected to the dehumidifier's outlet so that the collected water can constantly drain out and into the wastewater handling system. If connection of a drainage hose is not possible, the property owner will have to regularly empty the dehumidifier's collection bucket in order for the unit to continue doing its job.

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Any items that can be removed from the area where the leak is located should be taken out. This includes furniture, clothing, linens and carpeting. The carpet may need to be pulled up along with the padding underneath it, exposing the wooden subflooring. While the carpet will likely need to be replaced, it is less costly to do so than to build an entirely new flooring system. The furniture, rugs and other items should be sanitized as much as possible with bleach to guard against the growth of mold and mildew. Placing these items in the sun can also prevent mold infestation and help to rid the items of unwanted moisture.

The homeowner should also try to circulate as much fresh air as possible throughout the house. This may involve the use of a central air conditioning system, a whole house fan, attic fan or box fans. Flowing air reduces the chances of mold spores landing and growing on organic surfaces. The faster the house is dry, the less chance there is of an insect infestation or other problems that can result from the presence of wet wood and excess moisture.

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