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Keeping gutters and downspouts in good repair is a critical part of a roof maintenance program. Gutters are responsible for funneling rainwater away from the roof during heavy rains and depositing the water safely on the ground away from the home's foundation. Likewise, businesses should also pay careful attention to the condition of their gutters as the hazards of putting off repairs can have serious consequences.

Poorly maintained gutters can't do their job. Instead of protecting the shingles, siding and foundation from water damage, water can easily wet the dirt around the foundation causing it to crack. Water might drip onto the siding or back up onto the roof. Since moisture offers the perfect environment for algae and mold to grow, moisture hanging around can be hazardous to the health of family or customers as well as put the physical structure of the home or office building in danger. Having to repaint the outside of the house, repair the siding or have a Roseville roofing contractor replace the roof can be expensive.

The same goes for roof and gutter repairs.

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If water finds its way behind the gutters due to cracks or holes in the pipes, the fascia board can begin to rot and the gutter may pull away from the boards. Sloping gutters won't drain properly, but they also pose the grave danger of collapsing. Gutters that don't sit tight against the fascia board, especially if they are filled with leaves and debris, leave more ways for water to overspill the gutters and get up underneath the shingles where excess moisture can begin to degrade them.

In addition, neglecting the gutter can have a major impact on a family's budget. What starts as a simple gutter repair can quickly turn into a nightmare if those needed repairs are allowed to continue. A leaky roof, moldy insulation and rotting structures can all start as a small repair that was ignored or not noticed. The family's safety is also at risk if water is overspilling onto major walkways.

Many homeowners try to keep the gutters cleaned out and repaired themselves, but that can be a dangerous situation if they don't know what they are doing. When gutters are made of aluminum, for instance, a homeowner can dent or crack the gutters by leaning a ladder against them, making the situation worse. Hiring a professional who is well trained in gutter repairs and cleaning protocols to inspect the gutters will save hours of aggravation and guarantee a job well done.

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