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Adding gutter guards when undertaking a gutter replacement project eliminates a dangerous and unpleasant task for homeowners with a house that sits amid trees. Preventing leaves and pine needles from blocking the free flow of water prolongs the life of gutters and downspouts, protects foundations and concrete flat work, and preserves landscaping.

Gutter guards installed without the necessity of replacing gutters still provide convenience and safety by preventing homeowners from balancing precariously on ladders while performing gutter maintenance.

Roseville roofing companies install gutter guards regularly. They advise customers on different styles, along with the associated costs and benefits of each of the different types. Gutter guards represent a lasting investment supplying many years of service at a relatively low cost.

One of the styles proven effective over a period of years features a nose forward design. This type functions by using a textured, ribbed surface that extends across the gutter mouth, leaving a narrow slit that permits water to enter freely but forces leaves and other debris to wash away to the ground below, where sweeping or raking represents an excellent alternative to climbing ladders. Strong aluminum brackets and permanent coatings mean that even heavy snowfalls and high winds represent no threat to the gutter system. Professional installers match this type of gutter guard precisely to the angle of the roof in order to facilitate water flow.

The roofing contractors at Allstate Roofing of Roseville CA can assist you with any questions regarding storm damage or gutters.

Simpler to install and less costly, nylon gutter guards 3/4 inch in thickness simply bend into the gutter. Spaces between the nylon strands permit water to flow into the gutter, but blocks solid material from entering. They also offer ice dam prevention by stopping snow from accumulating in the gutters. Available in different sizes to accommodate different gutter widths, this type does not require any brackets or fasteners of any type. Unlike the more expensive nose forward design, nylon gutter guards do not affect roof shingles in any way. Homeowners can install this type quickly on their own.

These two types of gutter guards span the spectrum from expensive to economical. Nose forward designs require professional installation, usually when replacing roofs and gutters during a major remodeling project. Matching the pitch of the roof exactly requires a lot of expertise in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the system. Nylon gutter guards represent the opportunity for a quick fix until roof replacement makes nose forward designs feasible.

Other styles of gutter guards exist as well. The specific application might indicate the suitability of one type over another.

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