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Hail damage on a car is usually pretty obvious while hail damage to a home can sometimes take some extra searching to find. Roofing experts from Roseville Roofing have the knowledge and experience necessary to inspect and determine whether a home has been damaged by a recent hail storm.

The roof is a vital part of any home's structure because it protects the home from water leaks and other threats. When hail has damaged the shingles on a roof, it leaves the home vulnerable to further damage. While the hail itself does not usually cause major problems, leaving the problem untreated can lead to water damage and loose shingles down the road.

The first thing to understand when filing an insurance claim for hail damage is what type of insurance policy is held on the roof. There are two basic types of homeowner's insurance policies that cover hail-damaged roofs. There is an Actual Cash Value (ACV) policy that depreciates in value every year, usually for ten years. If this is the policy the homeowner has, they will only receive a check for the depreciated amount.

The roofing experts at Allstate Roofing of Roseville CA can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or commercial roofing.

Some homeowners that have outbuildings or farm buildings on their land, such as a barn or detached garage, may choose to have an ACV policy on those buildings.

A Replacement Cost policy (RC policy) will pay the amount it takes to replace the damaged roof. The deductible will be subtracted from the total amount the insurance company sends the homeowner. Depending on the insurance company, only part of the check may be sent out at first. The remaining money may hinge on inspections being completed. The depreciated amount of the roof is normally not sent until all of the repairs are completed.

Homeowners should be aware that most insurance companies only allow their checks to be good for 180 days. If they live in an area where inclement weather may prevent the repairs from being completed during that time frame, they must talk to their insurance company to receive an extension. Sometimes the insurance company will just simply issue a new check.

When a homeowner suspects that there is damage to their roof, they should first contact a professional roofing company to have the roof inspected. Professionals that are trained in storm damage can often see signs of damage that a layman cannot. All of Allstate's roofers are trained in finding and repairing storm damage in a professional and efficient manner.

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