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Flat roofs are gaining popularity in many areas due to advances in technology. These advances have negated the traditional problems with flat roofs, such as poor drainage and significant heat absorption. While many homeowners will still look at flat roofs as outdated and inadequate, those that deal with a good Roseville roofing company will no doubt be informed of the new flat roofs.

Most flat roofs are found on modern buildings that are designed to look old. Occasionally, a modern minimalist building will have a flat roof. While a relatively small number of houses have flat roofs, many commercial buildings have flat roofs. This is because commercial buildings are often larger, and flat roofs are the cheapest option for large buildings.

There are several types of flat roofs. The most common type is a built up roof or BUR. BURs are also known as hot mopped roofs. They are made by spreading a layer of tar on the roof, covering the tar with roofing paper and repeating the process several times. Hot mopped roofs are among the easiest to install and cheapest roofs money can buy, but many people consider them unattractive.

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Of course, if the building in question is a large commercial building that has its roof out of sight, this is not an issue.

Another common type of flat roof is made out of rubber. The rubber material is even easier to install than the hot mopped roof. This means the cost of labor is fairly low. However, the rubber material itself is not cheap.

The final common type of flat roof is a "peel and stick" roof. This is composed asphalt roll roofing and roofing felt. The material is less expensive than that for a rubber roof, but more expensive than that of a hot mopped roof. It is quite easy to install, as the name implies.

While flat roofs do have their negative aspects, they also have several positive features. Flat roofs allow maximum utilization of the space beneath the roof. This cannot be said of more traditional sloped roofs, which often feature an attic beneath the roof. Many buildings with flat roofs can have a fully functional floor immediately underneath the roof. These benefits are fairly well known, but flat roofs do have some lesser known benefits. For example, flat roofs with specially coated roofs can reflect 90% or more of the sun's heat. This can save a homeowner a significant amount of money on air conditioning.

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