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While EPDM roofing materials are relatively durable and long lasting, it is still important to make sure that the roof's surface is clean and well kept. Regular cleaning and homeowner maintenance is the most cost effective way to maintain the roof's warranty and preserve its natural strengths for the long term. These rooftops should be cleaned once every three to four months. Because the surface material is so commonly used for flat rooftops, homeowners should have no trouble climbing to the top of the building to perform the necessary cleaning. Roseville roofing experts will advise homeowners to be cautious anyway, especially if the roof is higher than a story up.

Every cleaning begins with an inspection, so it is important for homeowners to get up on their roofs and look over its surface. If the individual cannot see the original roofing material because of how much dirt and grime has accumulated over its surface, it is time to clean it. EPDM is a distinct rubber product and commercial grade cleansers will have the best effect because of this. If the roof is particularly dirty, draping plastic sheets around the top walls of the building can help individuals when they have to clean their walls afterwards. Homeowners should begin by swiping and rinsing off as much loose grime as they can.

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A hose or some other type of spraying mechanism should then be applied to the roof. It is important to go slowly, working on as little as two or three square feet at a time.

After the surface has been quickly washed, individuals should apply the cleaning product. The homeowner can use a sponge mop or a soft bristled brush to rub the cleaning product into the roof's surface without abrading it too much. It is important to then absorb the grimy residue back up with the mop and rinse it in a bucket of clean water. This cleaning procedure should be performed until the rooftop is clean and no more grime is present. After the cleanup is finished, homeowners should then inspect the roof for cracks and holes. Even the smallest intrusion can be enough to result in water damage, so it is important for the homeowner to then proceed by applying a self leveling sealant to the surface. This is done by inserting a tube of the sealant into a ready caulking gun before applying the sealant in slow, level sections all across the roof, until it has been covered and is protected.

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