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As an integral part of a home's roofing system, the rain gutters and downspouts work together to direct water away from the structure's foundation. The downspouts are of particular importance since they either funnel water underground to the municipal waste water system or they end several feet away from the foundation of the house. Properly functioning downspouts are essential for the protection and structural integrity of the roof. While conducting routine maintenance, homeowners who find any problems with their downspouts should find a Roseville Roofing contractor for inspections and professional assistance.

At least twice each year, the home's rain gutters and downspouts should be cleaned of accumulated dirt and debris. The downspouts in particular are prone to clogging, as large chunks or globs of debris crowd the small opening between the gutter and downspout piping. The best way to get the debris out is to start at the gutters and scoop it out by hand or with a small trowel. After this, a garden hose can be used to flush smaller bits of debris out.

The downspout extension should also be cleaned. This piece can usually be removed from the end of the downspout. The extension component often gets clogged with grass from lawn mowing and gardening activities. Birds or insects may also create blockages by building nests or hives in the downspout outlet.

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When mowing the lawn, homeowners can either remove the extension and put it back when finished or use a clip or fastener that lifts the extension out of the way.

If the downspout leads to an underground pipe, plant and tree roots may cause obstructions that result in water backing up into the rain gutters. If left unattended, this sort of a blockage can result in a roof leak. A clog in the underground portion of a downspout can be taken care of by the property owner in most cases. A simple plumbing snake can work through most minor root clogs. If the pipe has cracked or become offset, professional repairs may be needed.

After years of exposure to sunshine, heat, humidity and water, the seals between the downspout opening and gutter may weaken. A weak seal causes the downspout and gutter to separate from each other. Homeowners can repair the faulty sealant by applying a new layer of caulk around the interior and exterior sides of the downspout opening. Caulking creates a moisture proof barrier so that rain cannot spill through any crevices or cracks and land near the home's foundation.

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