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Warranties are an important aspect of having a roof repaired, a reroof performed or a new roof installed. Even when an insurance company is footing the bill, the responsibility of choosing the contractor and the materials is left up to the Roseville roofing customer. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the roof after the insurance company has paid out, then the homeowner must foot the bill. At that point, a homeowner's only recourse for compensation may be warranties, and the NRCA often warns consumers that making claims on roof warranties can be a challenge.

The most common type of roof warranty is the manufacturer warranty. This type of warranty is generally associated with roof shingles, but it can apply to all roofing materials, including roofing nails, wooden installation strips and roofing felt and plastic. If shingles are compromised, an insurance appraiser for the shingle manufacturer may assess the roof and make the determination that the felt caused the problem. Being bounced between manufacturers when making a claim on a warranty is common.

Perhaps the most important type of roofing warranty is the labor guarantee, which is generally provided by the roofing contractor installing the roof or performing the repair. It is very important to deal with an established company that offers a labor guarantee and has a track record of standing by it.

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If there is a problem with a new roof or repair, upstanding companies will usually come out and fix the issue without trying to shift the responsibility to a manufacturer.

A basic warranty refers to the warranty that is included with a default product or service at no additional charge. Standard asphalt shingles, for instance, often have a basic warranty against manufacturer defects that extends 10 to 15 years. These warranties are often limited, which means that the liability is limited to replacement of the product only unless otherwise dictated by local law.

Extended warranties are offered by both roofing companies and the manufacturers of roofing materials. When offered by contractors, the extended warranty usually represents a service plan that will cover maintenance and minor repairs over the term of the contract. Extended warranties by manufacturers are increasingly used to distinguish premium products in a competitive market. Many extended warranties offer premium protection over 25 to 50 years. It is important to note that extended warranties often require an additional cost and the contractor to install the materials according to precise specifications.

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