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Properly maintaining all of the roof's many components should be a primary concern for any homeowner who wishes to get the most out of their roof by extending its lifespan and ensuring its continued function. When it comes to roof flashing maintenance, homeowners should recognize that damage to this particular component is frequently one of the prime reasons that a roof begins to leak and then requires a Roseville roofing professional to perform extensive repairs. Given the potential for the kind of widespread water damage that can compromise the roof's functionality and its structural integrity, close attention should be paid to the flashing so that the potential for damage is minimized.

Flashing can deteriorate for a variety of reasons, and roof leaks almost immediately follow when it does. This is because the flashing is used to protect and seal the various seams or gaps in the roofing system. Frequently composed of metal like galvanized steel or aluminum, flashing can be found along the edges of the roof system and around its perimeter, along with any valleys, walls, drains, vents and any other areas where the roof covering is interrupted in some way.

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The flashing is typically sealed with roof cement or caulking, and some types of flashing should be coated with a zinc based primer and paint specifically designed for use on roof flashing.

The roof flashing should be inspected for damage on a relatively frequent basis. To properly inspect the flashing, homeowners should venture out on the roof to look for signs of wear or damage to the flashing itself and inspect the caulking or adhesive for holes or any other indication that it may be prone to leakage. In the event that any wear or weather damage to the flashing is evident, it should be addressed as quickly as possible in order to minimize the potential for additional issues developing as a result. Worn caulking or sealant should be removed with a putty knife and then resealed with roofing cement or another type of sealant.

Homeowners may find it inconvenient to regularly go out on the roof to conduct this sort of inspection or repair, in which case a professional roofer can be called upon instead. It is also possible to inspect the flashing from the ground or from a ladder, but this could result in missing any minor problems before they become more significant. Whether it is due to weather, oxidation or the simple passage of time, any damage to the flashing should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent the development of additional roofing problems.

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