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At one time, homebuyers considered skylights as unnecessary. However, builders now look at skylights as an essential part of households, especially in northern regions of the country, which receive restricted natural lighting.

Daylighting is the use of natural sunlight, and the ability to lessen the usage of energy for heating and light. Energy savings occurs when light that is more natural enters the room, eliminating the need for additional electrical devices.

Sunlight obtained from skylights are in various forms including circle and rectangular. Sun tubes are viable options for a home with ductwork or other structural challenges. Expert roofers can install light chutes on sloped or flat roofs; however, the contractor must seal the windows to prevent leaking.

Leaks can occur with the improper installation of the unit. Hiring an experienced roofing contractor from a Roseville roofing company is an inexpensive option when compared to a window contractor. A building contractor can advise on the building codes and will subcontract the drywall work to create the shaft. Furthermore, the roofing contractor can frame the opening and install the window. Therefore, using one team to do the job is money saved in the end.

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Furthermore, homeowners will find that manufacturers are tinting skylights to prevent too much light from entering the home. Likewise, they have devised stronger windows that withstand impact during storms that may carry debris to the roof.

There are two basic skylights: fixed and vented. Fixed panels made of glass are unmovable, as in a fixed window that cannot open. Vented skylights are movable and opened via manual or electric mechanisms. The downfall to vented skylights is that they can remain opened allowing rain and the wind to enter the home. However, manufacturers have created vented units that have sensors to close when water drops on the edge.

Homeowners should take into account that skylight shafts may not match the interior color of a room. To make use of the natural lighting, contractors will paint the chutes in white or eggshell. The color reflects the sun and moves the light downward in the home. Darker colors will slow the light's travel pattern and hinder the overall effectiveness of the daylighting.

What's more is that skylights also come with various optional fixtures; i.e., poles for manual venting, motor kits to convert manual vents to electrical venting, and blinds. For remote access, an RF (radio frequency) remote control, will provide a rolling code for maximum safety.

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