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Many people have roofs with curled shingles. This problem is unsightly and allows water through to the plywood sheathing underneath the shingles. This is a serious issue that may end up causing structural damage to the house if the wood rots. There are several causes of this problem. Homeowners can avoid it by maintaining their roofs properly.

The causes of curled shingles are many and varied. The curling can result from defective material, improper installation or even improper storage of the shingles before they are installed. If a homeowner uses a reputable Roseville roofing company, the chance of the shingles curling after installation is virtually nothing. However, there is a significant chance that shingles will end up curling if the homeowner attempts to install them himself.

Recognizing a curled shingle is fairly easy if one knows what one is looking for. Shingles can curl at the top, bottom, sides or rarely the middle. Those that do curl in the middle often curl because of moisture or ventilation problems. Extreme weather conditions can cause shingles to curl at the edges.

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If the homeowner walks on his or her roof on a regular basis (to shovel snow or for other purposes), this can also cause the shingles to curl at the edges. Poor underlying roofing materials often cause curling at the bottom of a shingle.

It is important to note that most shingles curl in a singular pattern across the surface of the roof. While it is possible for only a couple of shingles to be curled, this is unlikely. Therefore, large sections of the roof will probably need to be replaced. If the shingles are more than 20 years old, they will all need to be replaced.

While the replacement of curled shingles is certainly not a small expense, the shingle may only be the symptom of a larger and potentially more serious problem. There may be a leak in the roof, which will cause the underlying wood to rot if left unchecked. This may require the entire roof to be replaced.

There are ways that homeowners can avoid curled shingles. As previously mentioned, walking on the shingles can cause them to curl. This is also quite dangerous. Scraping snow and ice off of shingles is also known to cause curling. Homeowners are advised not to attempt to remove curled shingles by themselves. They are harder to remove than shingles in good repair and require the expertise of a professional roofer.

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