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According to the industry's largest shingle manufacturer, GAF, a whopping 98 percent of repairs are completed in areas where the roof is penetrated. These are challenging for experienced Roseville roofing companies, so when homeowners tackle roofing jobs, they need to triple check their methods for sealing vents, skylights and similar elements.

It might help homeowners to examine common mistakes before they begin a job, so they know the proper way to solve these problems. Professional roofers tackle these types of issues on a daily basis, so they have figured out how to navigate them through training versus trial and error. It's easy to make a mistake at the end of a long, exhausting day. Having the materials and knowledge at the ready will help avoid the following issues.

Incompatible materials and sealing agents can leave a roof unprotected. For instance, using cement on single ply membranes is a common mistake. It doesn't securely adhere to the membrane, leaving the potential for wind, water and pests to enter a structure through the roof. Homeowners should double check with shingle and flashing manufacturers so that any sealing agents or adhesives used will work well with their building materials.

Spray coating may work to create a seal, but it's also dangerous when used on a roof. Many roofing companies' insurance policies disallow the use of spray sealants for this reason. A homeowners' policy may as well, so DIYers should check with their insurance agent about roofing material restrictions before starting a job.

The roofing contractors at Allstate Roofing of Roseville can assist you with any questions regarding storm damage or commercial roofing.

Covered outlets and electrical cords can lead to serious inconveniences and a need for repairs. Homeowners today have outlets on their roofs for many reasons. Antennas, dishes, solar arrays, holiday lights and other elements are more easily plugged in at the roof. Unfortunately, because this is a fairly new thing to run into while roofing, they are sometimes covered in error. Homeowners should make sure they have the tools and supplies needed to securely seal an outlet and keep it accessible.

Clogged drains lead to water pooling on the roof or around the home's foundation. It's easy to forget about gutters and drains during a job. They tend to be afterthoughts and may not get the attention they deserve. However, materials get everywhere during roofing, and they can become lodged in gutters, downspouts or other sections of drains. The first rain to come along will flood the roof or the ground, which could cause serious damage to a home.

Roofers who avoid these common problems clear up the majority of potential leaks before they happen. Through research and planning, homeowners can tackle a roofing job on their own. However, if a roof is very complex or has many penetrations, it may be best to call in an experienced, local expert.

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