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Some homeowners have to deal with roofs that are buckling. These roofs can be identified by being very uneven or perhaps collapsed. Many people will assume the worst and think the roof needs to be replaced. In some cases they are right, but this is not always the correct course of action. A Roseville roofing company will inspect the roof and determine what needs to be done.

There are many causes of buckled roofs. Foremost of these is the roof being too heavy. This is usually caused by one of two issues. If the surface is made of slate, it may be too heavy for the plywood sheathing underneath to support. More likely, there are has three or more layers of shingles that have been simply covered up instead of being removed when new material is installed.

If the roof is not too heavy, the next most likely cause is that the plywood sheathing is warped. This is caused by water getting through the shingles and roofing felt and rotting the wood. This cause is perhaps more serious than the roof being too heavy. If the roof is too heavy, than the excess layers of roofing can be removed and the roof shored up.

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However, warped plywood sheathing means the entire roof has to be replaced immediately or it may collapse.

Less likely as a cause of a buckled roof is poor attic ventilation. On occasion, poor attic ventilation can cause the sheathing to become warped from underneath. This happens most often in hot and humid climates.

One very common problem with asphalt shingles that may cause buckling involves the shingles being installed in cold temperatures. Asphalt expands as the ambient temperature rises, and an inexperienced roofer may fail to account for this. This problem is often seen in climates that have a great deal of temperature variation between the seasons.

There are several very uncommon problems that may cause an affected roof to buckle. One of these is the usage of nails that are not meant for roofing. This nails may become loose. If this happens on quite a few of the shingles, it can cause the roof to buckle. The structure of the house itself may be at fault. If one of the rafters that holds the roof up is broken, this may cause the roof to sag and buckle.

A buckled roof will often need to be replaced, but homeowners are advised to contact a roofer for a professional opinion. The roofer will be able to inspect the roof and determine if replacement is necessary. If it is, he can give an estimate.

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