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Skylights are beautiful features that add a luminous appeal to any home interior. In the realm of Roseville roofing, skylights have even become something of a staple. There are many benefits to installing skylights. Rooms with skylights seem larger, brighter, and more inviting. The added natural lighting and radiant heat brought by skylights can reduce electricity and heating costs. Skylights require different care and maintenance than ordinary windows, but with a basic understanding of the signs that might spell trouble, homeowners can maintain and enjoy their skylights for decades.

Even properly installed skylights can be susceptible to leakage. Leakage may occur when debris accumulates above the flashing set along the upper edge of the skylight, which is meant to ensure a watertight seal. Accumulation of debris in this area above the skylight can cause water to back up beneath shingles. This may cause water to drip inside the house in various locations, such as along walls adjoining the roof or directly from the ceiling. To avoid inadvertent water damage, it's important to make a yearly habit of clearing off debris from the area above the skylight. Leaves, branches, loose shingles or other hazards contribute to the potential for water accumulation on the roof.

Leaks may sneak in around skylights that are old or improperly installed. Homeowners can check for leaks by visually scanning the area around the skylight. Any sagging paint, stained drywall or cracks should indicate that the skylight requires replacement or repair by a trained professional.

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Homeowners should deal with problems promptly, even if they seem minor. Water damage around a skylight can escalate to extensive roof damage if the problem is not addressed in time.

Many skylights open and close to let air in during the warmer months. At the beginning of the spring and in the fall, owners should check that all the gears used to lever the skylight open and closed are in good working order. Owners should also verify that the sealing strips along the edges of the skylight aren't cracked, slipping or detached. An improper skylight seal can lead to yet more water damage or drafts, which compromise the building's insulation.

As a rule, properly installed skylights are satisfyingly low-maintenance. The exterior of the skylight is cleaned by wind and rain, and the flashing only needs to be cleared off once a year. If condensation appears unexpectedly on the inside of a skylight, there may not be any need for concern; some appliances, such as dishwashers, dryers and rice cookers, produce steam that might accumulate on a skylight or window. Serious differences in indoor and outdoor temperatures can cause a similar effect when humidity from a warm indoor room condenses on a cold window. Regardless, needlessly attempting to repair a skylight without professional verification can do more harm than good.

Ultimately, a well-installed, well-maintained skylight can be an elegant asset to any home. The homeowner should make sure to contact a roofing or window maintenance professional if he or she has concerns about the state of a skylight. The same goes for those who are considering a new installation.

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