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More and more cities across the United States are recognizing the benefits of green roofs and are taking measures to encourage their installation. In addition to lowering a building's cooling costs, green roofs release oxygen and help to naturally clean the air.

A green roof is a roof that is covered, partially or completely, with plants and planting materials that are installed over a waterproof layer. Despite the advantages, not every building will be suited for a green roof. It's helpful to consult with a Roseville Roofing company with experience in this growing area of roof design.

Green roofs offer a place for owners and employees to engage with a bit of the great outdoors. For instance, the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Dallas has transformed its roof into a green roof with a vegetable garden. The hotel kitchen is able to use fresh, very locally grown herbs and vegetables that go directly from the rooftop garden to the table. Green roofs can also be a treasured place for building occupants to take a break in the great outdoors, which is especially valued in urban areas.

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Green roofs shield the roof from extreme heat and cold as well as from wear and tear due to water damage and the sun's rays. Because of that, a green roof has the capability to more than double the life of a roof when it's correctly installed and maintained. There are also energy savings to be gained because a green roof acts as an insulator. Some cities offer tax rebates for green roofs. This is primarily because green roofs absorb about 80 percent of the water they come into contact with, which helps prevent antiquated city sewer systems from becoming overloaded with runoff water.

To determine if a building is suitable for having a green roof, there are several factors to consider, but the most basic is load capability. Is the space that will hold the green roof capable of bearing the weight for the materials that will be placed on the roof? If the live weight load is less than 35 pounds per square foot, it will be more difficult to install a green roof.

While there are many benefits to establishing a green roof, it's important to question whether it's the best solution for achieving desired goals for a building. If the main factor is heat cost reduction, this can be solved in many cases by installing shade trees. For further exploration of this topic, contact a roofing professional with experience in green roofing.

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