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Green roofing is a method of construction that utilizes sustainable materials while promoting less energy waste. We are capable of supporting such a project and also implement our own method of sustainability. We are proud to be GAF certified and take measures to make sure that the materials used are recycled properly. The prospect of green roofing has several benefits ranging from reduced energy costs to improving property values. Roseville roofing businesses can help achieve goals for delivering a greener and more cost effective future.

Energy efficient tiles and shingles can help reduce the cost to homeowners during the summer and winter. Technology today allows manufacturers to develop materials that can help manage the heat of the home during the different seasons of the year. This allows people to save money on air conditioning during the summer and heating costs during the winter.

Shingles can make a big difference when developing an eco friendly roof. There are a number of these kinds of surfaces available ranging from ventilated designs to the implementation of plant life. Although the materials used will determine the overall longevity of the roof, most are comparable to traditional methods including those that are superior in lifespan comparison.

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For example, a plant based roof may survive the elements far longer than one made from traditional tar based components.

Solar energy is an excellent way to balance out the electricity costs each month. Some panel solutions are built right into the shingles of the roof itself. Instead of bulky panels that stand off of the surface, the roof could look just like any other in the neighborhood with the exception of generating power.

When it comes time to sell the home, the marketing aspect of an energy efficient roof can add more to the asking price while making it attractive. Studies have shown that homes that feature some form of sustainable construction or appliance sell faster and for higher bids than those without. In many cases, including eco friendly appliances or building materials could increase the actual appraisal value of the home as well. This can be beneficial if the owner needs to take out a loan or a mortgage based on the equity of the establishment.

Tax incentives and breaks could also be available depending on the type of roof that is installed. This usually decreases the overall costs of the installation by reducing the amount of taxes owed every year. Although one might not receive the entire amount back as a refund, a large portion can be put towards the return based on the product and its energy efficient capabilities.

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