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The importance of attic ventilation and its impact on home energy costs and roof longevity cannot be overstated. Improper attic ventilation can contribute to skyrocketing energy bills and damage to the roof from sources such as ice dams and condensation. A Roseville roofing contractor can help identify and rectify less than optimal situations.

Improper attic ventilation is one of the biggest contributors to premature roof damage. A constant flow of air through the attic keeps the roof cool in summer and prevents condensation buildup in the winter. The best way to avoid problems related to poor attic ventilation is to schedule an inspection with a roof specialist. Excess heat in the attic can literally bake the shingles from the inside out and cause buckling, cracking and curling.

To assess the health of the shingles from ground level, the homeowner can visually inspect the outside of the roof with binoculars. It's much easier to fix a few shingles than tear off the roof and start over. Failure to perform routine maintenance and inspections can also void the manufacturer's warranty on the shingles. Another consideration is the effect of too much superheated air inside the attic space which can be high enough in some cases to warp joists and roof trusses.

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Repairing this damage is a protracted and expensive job.

There are two types of attic ventilation. Passive ventilation takes advantage of the fact that heated air rises by providing an escape route from the attic in the form of a ridge vent. Contributing to this process, a vented soffit helps pull cooler air from the outside into the attic space. Powered ventilation uses the same principals but employs an electric fan to pull outside air into the attic through the soffit and out through a vent on the roof. Care should be used with regards to how many roof vents are used. For every puncture of the roof to install vents, there exists another breach that can allow water to seep into the home.

Some homeowners fear that roof vents allow warm air to be drawn outside in the winter decreasing the efficiency of the home's heating system. Proper attic insulation creates a barrier to prevent heat and cooling from being drawn from the living space below. On sunny winter days the attic is heated by the sun shining on the roof, not by the heat from the house below.

Proper attic ventilation is just one way of protecting what can well be the biggest investment a family will ever make, and protecting that investment with proper maintenance is essential.

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