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It is readily apparent when a roof is in need of a major repair, and even the most inattentive of homeowners will recognize the presence of significant damage that ought to be addressed by a Folsom roofing professional as soon as possible. In many cases, this damage is the result of some acute roof damage that may not have been able to be prevented. In other cases, however, the major roof issue is the result of allowing some minor issue to go unattended for too long, so the more extensive damage became likely.

Homeowners should adopt the practice of regularly inspecting their roof in order to prevent the latter circumstance from occurring. It is often the case that a costly repair could have been avoided through a smaller or simpler repair that could have been performed by the homeowner just as easily as by a professional. No matter who performs the smaller repair, it should be plainly evident that there is the potential to significantly reduce repair costs by catching problems before they worsen.

Regular roof inspections do not necessarily have to be time intensive and do not always have to include a trip out on the roof itself. A visual inspection from the ground may often be enough to recognize the presence of damage, though it is easier to see damage to individual shingles and the flashing if the homeowner uses a ladder to get a closer look.

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Informal inspections should occur on a regular basis, as it will be much easier for the homeowner to recognize any small changes quickly if they are glancing up at the roof each time they venture outside or as they return home each day.

As for the more formal inspections, it is likely best if the homeowner adopts a seasonal routine in which they inspect the home at the onset of each new season and following any extreme weather conditions. An inspection checklist may make it easier to ensure that nothing is overlooked during the inspection, which will also create a written document that details the changes occurring to the roof over time. This checklist should include inspection of all roof components so that any issues that become apparent can be quickly addressed and further damage is prevented. If the homeowner is unsure of the severity of any particular issue, a roofing professional can always be consulted in order to be sure that the proper course of action is taken.

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