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A new roof is a big investment, and homeowners must make many important decisions. After all, the new roof will likely cost thousands of dollars and be relied upon to last for 25 or more years. Warranties are a crucial aspect of this process because they provide homeowners with assurances. Folsom roofing companies often offer guarantees that cover the work performed, and the companies that make the roofing materials usually provide warranties that protect against any manufacturer defect.

It is important to note that manufacturer defects are not common, which is why services guarantees and extended manufacturer warranties are much more important. When it comes to premium roofing materials, extended warranties are often included at no charge. Otherwise, the homeowner may have to buy the extended warranty, which diminishes its value. Marketing often seeks to wow consumers with impressive numbers, such as warranties that extend 50 years. Consumers need to be aware that many extended warranties are prorated, which means that they may help cover some of the costs associated with repair or replacement but are unlikely to cover all of it.

Homeowners should also pay attention to the fine print of the extended coverage.

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Extended warranties can be quite favorable and actually extend to labor. In these cases, if the roofer goes out of business and shingles fail due to an installation error, then the manufacturer may cover it. Other extended warranties are just extensions to the basic warranty, and while this kind of warranty does have some value, that value is only worthwhile if the extended coverage is added free or at a minimal charge.

Extended warranties often have special requirements, and many manufacturers will require the contractor to install the materials according to its specifications. In some cases, the manufacturer may even require that the roofer be certified through its training program. Homeowners may want to opt for a brand certified roofer regardless, or an alternative option is to hire an independent roofing inspector who can ensure that the roof is installed according to the necessary specifications.

Another important consideration is the transferability of extended warranties. Many extended warranties cannot be transferred, which means that if a homeowner sells his or her home, then the new homeowner is no longer covered. If selling one's home seems likely, then the homeowner must evaluate the extended warranty within that context. If the extended warranty is transferrable, then the homeowner should factor in the transfer fee if applicable.

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