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It's easy to forget about a roof once all of the big decisions are made, the roof is installed, and the roofer hands over all of the paperwork. Some homeowners make the mistake of slipping the roof paperwork into a file and forgetting it, but there are actually a few steps left to making sure consumers get the most out of their roof investment and roof warranty.

As with most major products, the first step is to register the warranty with the manufacturer. Often, warranty registration can be completed online using the paperwork supplied by the Folsom roofing contractor. Registration usually takes just a few minutes but can provide thousands of dollars in protection.

It's important to keep the roof paperwork in a safe and easily accessed file after registration is complete. If there is ever a roof problem, the factory will ask homeowners for the roofer's contract or invoice and information contained on the invoice, such as the number of squares installed.

At least twice a year, homeowners should clean and inspect the roof in accordance with the warranty, avoiding the use of chemicals, tools or other implements that can damage the roof.

The roofing contractors from Allstate Roofing of Folsom CA would be happy to answer any question you have about commercial roofing or storm damage.

To be extra safe, it's often a good idea to use a factory approved roofer for annual inspections and cleanings to prevent inadvertently voiding the warranty.

Homeowners should not add anything to the roof that is not factory approved, nor should homeowners use an unauthorized roofer. If equipment needs to be installed on the rooftop, consumers should contact the roof manufacturer for prior approval. If work needs to be done on the roof itself, consumers should use only roofers who are approved by the roof manufacturer.

Keeping the roof clear of overhanging branches and other items that can puncture or damage the roof is helpful. While preventing objects from coming into contact with the roof is difficult in very windy conditions, consumers can eliminate many potential roof hazards simply by trimming back trees, cutting back climbing vines and keeping the space above the roof clear.

If there is roof damage or a leak, consumers should contact the roof manufacturer right away. Most policies require that homeowners notify the factory of a roof leak within 30 days of its discovery.

Finally, consumers need to know the extent of their warranty coverage. Are installation defects covered? Are consequential damages covered if the roof leak causes water damage to items in the house? Understanding the scope of coverage can help homeowners make necessary adjustments to homeowner insurance policies and to know what to expect if the roof is damaged.

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