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The right type of flashing can help a rooftop last longer, providing necessary protection from the elements. The material chosen for the flashing, however, can sometimes make a very large difference in terms of performance and quality, especially if the wrong flashing is installed with a certain type of roofing system. Vinyl flashing is one of the most commonly considered options in modern homes. Folsom roofing professionals urge all interested homeowners to think about the advantages and disadvantages that come with the material before they finalize any choices. While vinyl can be a good choice, it is a material that is not without its drawbacks.

Vinyl flashing is a relatively new product that has been extensively tested with great success. These material options are consistent with window and siding ones, meaning that they are made from the same type of vinyl. Because of this, the vinyl is a very durable and resistant flashing option, capable of providing the desired surface tension to allow water to glide off easily and effectively. It can withstand physical and mechanical wear as well as many other types of metal flashing options, making it a particularly good choice for some homes.

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This material is also advantageous in that it is much more affordable than most varieties of metal flashing. It is very easy to install because while the material is capable of providing a resistant surface to the roof, it is still easy to professionally cut. The material is very flexible, making it an affordable option for unique homes with irregular roofing junctions that need to be properly covered. Unlike other types of flashing and fasteners, vinyl will never be subject to galvanic action. This means that the chemical and structural integrity of vinyl can hold up no matter what type of roof it is paired with.

Because vinyl flashing is still a new development, there are not many different types of products available in this material. Vinyl also lacks the tensile strength that many other flashing materials may have, which makes it an undesirable material in colder climates. During particularly harsh winters, the material may become brittle and prone to snapping. Additionally, vinyl may have problems when it comes to polluted environments. It is not a chemically sturdy material and it may be subject to damage from acid rain and UV radiation. Homeowners should be sure to treat the flashing carefully and stay on top of its maintenance if they plan on going with it for their rooftops.

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