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Although contractors are highly concerned about any rooftop material's quality, the adjacent gutter system is just as critical. Controlling water flow to the ground, the gutters work harmoniously with shingles and flashing to create a waterproof roof system. Many structures still have their original gutters, but modern styles can improve water flow efficiency when installed by a Folsom roofing professional.

Before any new gutters are installed, professionals inspect the fascia or supportive lumber. All gutters attach to a structure through fasteners on fascia board. When gutters overflow or crack, this fascia can rot quickly from moisture exposure. Roofers cannot attach new gutters to rotted wood, so they will replace part of or the entire fascia as estimated in a contract. The new fascia will match the home's exterior decor and actually improve on its aesthetic.

Unlike older gutter systems, today's designs are mostly seamless. There are no junction points along long, horizontal gutter lengths, for instance. The lack of seams reduces vulnerabilities from cracks and bowing. Seamless gutters last longer because of their design, but only if they're cared for appropriately. There are differing gutter details and design aspects for homeowners to choose among as well, so they can customize their home even further.

Gutters used to be functional elements with basic white coloring.

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If a homeowner wanted a different color to match the decor, painting the gutters was the only solution. When contractors quote a project, they offer a paint palette for homeowners to examine. Almost every color imaginable is possible for new gutter installations. If homeowners decide to change exterior colors in the future, it's still possible to paint the gutters too.

Most contractors will insist on covers for the new gutters. These protective covers allow rainwater to flow into the system, but without any debris. Although gutters must still be cleaned out at least twice a year, the covers reduce blockages between appointments. Homes with large trees surrounding them are usually vulnerable to gutter blockages. Contractors can easily remove the covers and use their cleaning tools to clear any clogs during preventive maintenance appointments. The covers also provide some support to keep the gutters wide open for clear water flow within the system.

Roofers are always trying to improve on their work, so a newly installed gutter system may be complemented with additional accessories, including flexible downspout extensions. Although homeowners might believe the accessories are unnecessary, their implementation could help a home with years of leak-free protection.

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