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Most homeowners and businessmen pay very little attention to their building's gutters until they begin to leak. The truth is, however, that a top quality gutter system is an important feature on any building. Without good gutters, there are a number of potential hazards just waiting to occur.

Most commonly, leaking or absent gutters will send water straight to a building's foundation line. This will gradually weaken the concrete by consistently subjecting it to large scale inundation. Using a seamless gutter system is one of the best ways to prevent leaking, though other factors like flashing well under the roof shingles, caulking gutter corners thoroughly and using sufficiently long downspout extenders are also important.

Seamless gutters cannot be easily installed other than by trained experts. Many Folsom roofing contractors also offer skilled seamless gutter installation at affordable prices. This form of gutter will save the foundation and last for many years to come.

The second most common gutter problem is backed up water that damages and destroys portions of a home or business. This generally occurs due to clogged gutter troughs, which may themselves be a product of clogged downspouts. When flimsy gutters begin to sag and bend, there is most likely water building up inside. Many times, this water finds its way under inadequately flashed gutters and eats roof plywood.

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It can also pour over the lip of the gutter and destroy fascia boards. Worst of all, water from poor quality or poorly installed gutters may find its way into the building's interior and cause mold, wood rot and drywall damage.

By choosing a gutter system made of strong materials like galvanized steel, copper or high grade aluminum, one can accomplish several things simultaneously. These gutters will be more durable and will shed water and debris better because they will be less prone to sagging. With gutter brackets and screws to reinforce them, they will hold up well over the years, continually shedding water and debris. It also helps to use gutter guards, gutter covers or meshed strainers to keep the leaves and dirt to a minimum. Quality gutters installed with true craftsmanship, however, will do much to prevent any gutter caused water damage.

Finally, low grade gutters may be overly prone to rust, denting, wind damage, paint peel and other forms of deterioration. It makes more sense to invest in truly durable gutters that will look great and work well for years to come rather than to save a little at the front end only to be later forced into premature gutter replacement.

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