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Slate has been a preferred roofing choice for centuries, but for many property owners, the cost is prohibitive. Slate not only requires specialized installation techniques, but a much sturdier roof deck as well. Though slate can last hundreds of years, it is so costly that most typical homeowners cannot afford it. Now, however, there are synthetic products that resemble slate that are far more affordable and more durable as well. Consulting a professional Folsom roofing contractor can help property owners decide if a synthetic slate roof is right for their home.

Synthetic slate has many benefits, but some homeowners are concerned about the appearance. New technologies make it possible for manufacturers to mold rubber and plastic into realistic looking slate tiles. The rubberized material is injected into molds made from actual slate tiles, so that there is variation, just as in a real slate roof.

This synthetic material not only looks great, it is extremely durable. Synthetic slate has a Class 4 impact rating, which means that hail damage and other damage from storms is a thing of the past. These tiles also offer excellent fire protection with a Class A rating.

Synthetic slate is much easier to transport and to install. There is no need to reinforce the roof's decking and there are no special installation techniques required.

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Synthetic slate is also considered a green roofing product. Though they are made with petroleum based materials, they can be recycled. Some synthetics are made with a combination of virgin and recycled materials, some from totally recycled materials. When the roof needs replacing, the tiles can be used to create more roofs or other synthetic green products.

Because synthetic slate is a green roofing product, the installation and purchase of one may qualify property owners for both federal and state tax incentives. These incentives are generally in the form of a tax credit, which can lower the amount of tax owed by up to 30 percent on federal taxes. Individual states differ in the percentage that they offer, but some even exceed the federal percentage.

Synthetic slate roofing products are generally warrantied for 50 years, but they may last as long as a hundred years. They are virtually maintenance free as well. They do cost more than a typical asphalt roof, but they are much less expensive than natural slate. Shingles come in a wide variety of colors and styles that fit the décor of almost any style home.

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