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Folsom Roofing: Article About Steps To an Energy Efficient Roof

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As energy prices continue to increase, more homeowners are looking to reduce their bill each month without compromising on their home's level of comfort. Many people are unaware that the roof can be used in a number of ways to reduce the home's energy usage in each season. By implementing a few tools and methods, it can add to thousands of dollars in savings throughout the year.

Installing solar panels on the roof is increasing in popularity due to the savings that can be obtained with the energy efficient feature. As a renewable source of energy, it uses the sunlight as a direct source for electricity in the home.

Insulation is another product that will work to keep the heat or cool air indoors to control the temperature and reduce any drafts that are present. Having insulation installed by a Folsom roofing professional will reduce the home's energy usage by 20 percent and will function well for several decades. Large icicles or ice dams that develop on the home's roof during the winter are a sign that the insulation is no longer working effectively.

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Similarly, homes that take a long time to become cool with the HVAC system should also have the insulation replaced.

The type of material that is used on the roof significantly influences how protected the interior space is from the outside weather and temperatures. Metal roofs are most ideal because they reflect the sunlight and prevent heat from entering the home. Tiled roofs are also a considerable option because they are weather resistant and provide proper airflow. It's important to avoid choosing dark roofing materials to avoid attracting more heat to the structure unless you live in a cooler climate. Tile underlayment can also be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Tile coating is another step to take and can be applied by a professional to create a waterproof surface for added protection. The sealant works to reduce energy usage by 35 percent with a light color of coat that will prevent the structure from attracting both sunlight and heat to the surface.

To ensure that the home's roof is energy efficient, an inspector can examine the structure each year and suggest different ways of using the roof to protect the climate of the home. The professional can also make the necessary changes to ensure that the job is done well and will continue to function for several years.

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