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It is usually better to upgrade a roof rather than replace it with the same style or company. While the upgraded option may seem more expensive initially, it will potentially save hundreds per year in the long run. Folsom roofing options are growing every year with different products and variations on the traditional roof. Here are a few the average homeowner might not be aware of that apply to both the roof and the gutters.

Chimney caps are placed on the top of chimneys and air vents to prevent the elements and animals from entering through the chimney. While these are useful, there are more options today that even offer improvements to energy efficiency. Airtight chimney caps not only keep the elements out, they also help keep the air in. On a normal chimney, there is often a constant draft that allows air to rush out of the home throughout the day. This escaping air means harder work for the air conditioning. When installing a new roof, consider also installing a manual airtight chimney cap that will keep the air in until the fireplace is in use. At that time, the simple flick of a switch will pop the chimney open.

Gutters are the constant center of roofing maintenance and roofing problems.

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When upgrading a roof, consider asking about newer options for gutters as well. One style of gutter is a hooded gutter that prevents debris from flowing in. The majority of problems related to gutters have to do with the debris clogging them and causing issues such as ice dams and wood rot. A hooded gutter specially designed with a hood helps debris slide off the gutter while still catching water. These are designed for easy maintenance, and if there is ever a problem with the gutter after installation, the homeowner simply has to open up the hood and clean it out.

Finally, after installing a new roof, one should consider installing flashing as well. Flashing helps to increase the lifetime of the roof by blocking water from hitting especially vulnerable spots. These spots can be anywhere from the nooks and crannies that are involved in the architectural styles of the roof to the sharp corners that come with any masonry. Over time, these areas will be hit hard by rain, wind and snow, given that they are the path of least resistance for the elements. Installing flashing will help remove this extra degradation and improve the durability of the room.

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