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When it comes to keeping their home structurally and visually intact, homeowners need to perform a few regular maintenance procedures around the property. One of the most important sections of the home that should be inspected at consistent intervals is the roof. Not only can the roof sustain a variety of weather problems, but homeowners should make sure that the roof's surface is not bogged down by uncontrolled plant growth. Folsom roofing experts urge all individuals to keep track of their roof's surface to make sure that unwanted pests do not flourish.

Moss is one of the most common plant-based problems that can damage the roof's surface. In damper environments, organic growth on the roof is often common and harmless. Smaller growths of algae can be brushed away without damaging the roof. Once moss starts to develop, however, it can cause a variety of structural problems. Moss can intrude into the roofing system, resulting in the loss of shingles. Moss also retains moisture, which can result in problems on the roof's deck and the attic below. In the most severe cases, moss that contains a lot of moisture will weigh down on the roof, resulting in a potential collapse.

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Another one of the biggest concerns that homeowners will face is climbing vines. While they can add a classic degree of elegance to the exterior of a home, they can cause extensive problems when they wind their way up to the rooftop. Rooftop vines will inhibit rain and snow runoff, which can cause standing water to develop along the roof's surface. This problem may result in a perfect breeding environment for mold. Climbing vines may also form a ladder from the ground to the roof, resulting in invasive species climbing their way up and nesting in the attic. Stronger vines are a particularly pressing concern as well as they can easily penetrate into structures, removing shingles and raising rooftops.

Finally, homeowners should make sure to keep their surrounding trees trimmed and carefully aligned. While trees are a vital part of beautifying a yard space, they can create problems for the roof if their branches grow too large. When branches touch a roof's surface, they can abrade the shingles, resulting in damage. Branches can also be the perfect connection from the tree to the roof, resulting in animal infestations by raccoons, squirrels, mice and rats. Without proper trimming, the tree's leaves can also clutter the rooftop, resulting in clogged gutters and additional weight on the roof's surface.

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